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About Us

Our story

Logojoy was built by designer and developer Dawson Whitfield. He created Logojoy to replace himself as a logo designer. Dawson realized that most entrepreneurs just needed a simple, but high-quality logo. Still, their current options costed over $600 dollars and weeks of their time.

After looking at the current logo makers out there, Dawson couldn’t resist building ‘a good one’.

There was no reason that AI-powered system couldn’t create high-quality logos as scale. Though, it had never been done before, so Dawson knew developing it would be an experiment.

After months of hard work, Logojoy is finally creating high quality logos for entrepreneurs around the world. We’re just at the beginning, but the future is incredibly exciting.

The product

Logojoy is an online logo making tool that allows anyone to make a logo. We use artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to make it feel like you’re working with a designer, while still giving you the freedom and power of a graphics editing program. Our technology allows us to offer our customers a delightful experience, jaw-dropping results, at a no-brainer price point.

Our delightful experience starts with allowing the customer to select the logos they’d like Logojoy to use as inspiration, just as a designer would. Once they provide that, along with preferred colors and their company name, Logojoy starts to generate logo options based on their input. Each logo option is 100% unique and generated on the spot. As customers ‘favorite’ logos, Logojoy learns and gets a better idea of their taste, and generates more appropriate logos as they scroll.

Customers have total control over their logo. They can see unlimited revisions for each logo - from different color recommendations, to other layouts, symbols, fonts, and more. Instead of providing drop-down menus for fonts, colors, etc. we present your revisions as a designer would - with the logo re-designed with the specific option implemented.

For example, if you wanted to see font options, you wouldn’t pick a font from a drop-down menu, rather, you would see 50 different versions of your logo, each one with another font option. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience and a better result.

Jaw-dropping results stem from premium logo components, and a smart matching algorithm.

We have 10x more premium fonts than the nearest competitor, 550k+ symbols, 6 different layouts, and 5.5k color presets. Not only do we have more component than anyone else, but we have an extremely high bar for quality of components. Colors have been extracted with the worlds most popular color palettes, fonts are exclusive and specifically designed as logotypes, and our graphics have been designed by top designers.

We’ve also spent months tagging and ensuring compatibility between components. For example, if a font is tagged with ‘calligraphic’, Logojoy will try to match that font with a symbol that is tagged with ‘elegant’.

Lastly, our no-brainer price point - once customers land on a logo that feels right, they have two purchase options. They can purchase a basic, low-resolution logo for $20, or they can purchase the premium package for $65. The premium package includes 30 files including vector files, transparent background PNGs, and more.